Thursday, March 31, 2016

Class Summary 3-31-2016

Had some members interested in some basic lessons on Windows 10. We walked through some basics and then we browsed for “YouTube WIndows 10 Tutorial” for a number of video tutorials on using Windows 10.

Fix opening page in Edge. This is no different than any of the browsers. Open the browser, then click on settings (a gear or 4 horizontal lines). Then open settings and locate internet options. Enter the web sites you want to start when IE starts and click Apply. is a great way to change those looooong URLs you want to send to someone into a short address. Paste the long one into the box and it will create short one for you to use to access the same site.

OneDrive was discussed again. It comes with Windows 8 and 10. It is a folder that contains files you have either uploaded to it, saved there by using an online application such as Word, or was synchronized from your computer running OneDrive. The OneDrive folder on your PC is on your local hard disk drive. Whatever you save into it or a folder within it is on your hard drive. It is also automatically synced with your OneDrive cloud. And anything you save in the cloud by other means syncs to your PC hard drive.

MultCloud - Put multiple cloud drives into one and there are many free places to put your files safely in the cloud. Just the ones we have talked about can add up to over 50gb of free storage. Add to that the free Google photo storage of unlimited photos and These sites can help you keep them organized.

FREE REVERSE CELL PHONE LOOKUP OR LANDLINE NUMBER LOOKUP OR EMAIL SEARCH. This is just one of a number of reverse numbe sites. Give it a try when you want to know where that strange phone call came from.

Picasa Is Going Away: 11 Apps That You Can Use Instead.

Resize, shrink, and crop your pictures online for free. There are others and I am partial to prishresizer that installs on your PC. This one works off the web and will do individual pictures or a group of them all at once.

How To Save Your Inbox From SPAM is a good article on various ways to prevent getting spam when you type your email address into sites when looking to download their software or even sign up for their newsletters.

How to check to see if your Windows 10 is activated. If not you will run into issues in the future.

How to remove bad software from Windows devices. Sometimes the uninstall program that comes with Windows does not get rid of a program. Here are some additional options.

Upgrade Your Gmail and Be More Productive. A way to schedule emails to be sent at a future time and more.

Don’t let Windows auto-install 10. If you do not change the update settings in Windows 7 or 8, then do not be surprised when you find yourself running Windows 10 all by itself. It installs as an update and will be pushed to your PC by Microsoft without you knowing unless you change the settings.

One question asked but not answered was the boxes that are checked in CCleaner--the ones checked by default. Here are a some screen shots:


  1. I believe someone asked to review CCleaner, and which boxes to check........don't think it was off the beaten path!
    Is it possible to maybe add a screen shot to these notes from 3/31 class?