Thursday, March 17, 2016

Class Summary 3-17-2016

This one was not discussed in class, but a classmate asked the question. I googled the following: To download a video from Facebook and it turns out there is an easy answer. Right click on the video and Copy the link to the video and then paste it into an input field at When the video has been captured, then click the "Download" button to save it on your computer.

Photoshop Elements 14 is a great photo editing program. There is a free trial version, and a fully paid version. Mine is the fully paid one. That one is available on Amazon for $78 ( Download a free 30 day trial here:

Rosemary, one of our class members has been using it for a while and brought with her some great pictures showing us how she removes people from a picture and puts someone into a picture that was not there before.

Here is a video from Adobe that shows you some of what the program can do

Page Plus X5 is a Desktop Publishing program Rosemary has been using for a long time. She highly recommends it. A free version can be downloaded at and the full version at a reasonable price at:

A new craze -- adult coloring books. And some of our classmates are already involved.

Ad-Aware Web Companion. Surf the Web more safely and conveniently than ever before. Before you hit that link in a search, this addon which works with all your browsers will see if it a safe site.

We talked about Google photos, OneDrive, Office online and much more. Hopefully we cleared up some questions. Your OneDrive is in the cloud. It is 5gb for free. You can pay for more. You can access it from anywhere by signing in to your account using you Microsoft credentials. The square made up with 9 little squares will open the list of available online options. OneDrive is a folder that contains file you have either uploaded to it, saved there by using an online application such as Word, or was synchronized from your computer running OneDrive. If you have Windows 8-10, OneDrive is on your PC. The OneDrive folder on your PC is on your local hard disk drive. Whatever you save into it or a folder within it is on your hard drive. It is also automatically syncs with your OneDrive cloud. And anyting you save in the cloud by other means syncs to your PC hard drive.

Google Photos are stored in your Google Drive. It contains 15gb of free storage. You can pay for more, but all the photos you upload are not charged against that 15gb. So upload away backing up all your photos to the cloud. You can add a Google Photos App to your PC and/or to your phone so your pictures will auto upload to Google Photos. Then we looked at the search capabilities in Google Photos including a free facial recognition component.

Some tips for purchasing a new laptop PC. I suggest at least 4gb of RAM, WIndows 10, a 500gb or more hard disk drive. Make sure it has an HDMI port to connect to your TV, USB 2 and 3 ports, and a CD/DVD drive. Dual core is great, but the higher the core the faster. Processor speeds over 2ghz is best. Wifi is a must and a hard line Ethernet connector should be there as well. You can find some good deals in the $300-400 range. I WOULD NOT take any suggested anti-virus program, extended warranty, or service package. Windows comes with Defender to handle your antivirus needs and your Computer Club takes care of your service needs for free.

I do not remember what else we talked about, but we were having so much fun we went past 4pm!

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