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Computer Class Notes 2-4-2021

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Where do you go to find and delete archived emails?

Filter Email
We have an email address that sometimes shows up pldjnio@gmail.comu. notice the U at the end. We need to get rid of it.

Email Photos
If someone gets a "picture - email" where the picture has a size 3840 pixels X 2160 pixels (a large file) I can't look at the picture on the email without moving the picture up and down as side by side with the pointer, to see the focus point of the picture!

Is there a way "I, the receiver of the mail and picture" can resize the image so it is viewable on the screen without maneuvering?

Yes, right-click on the picture and Save image as...

Finding Photos

I have saved a photo from an email, which said photo in My Drive. Where is it, and how can I find it? Is there any other way to save photos?

In the email click the download button

At the Save As dialog screen, notice at the top where the image is being saved. Change this by choosing a folder in the left column. Click to select the File name and change it to something useful. Then click the Save button and the photo is saved on your computer.

Identifying Plants
Thanks to Donna: Quite often we have individuals post on Nextdoor that they need help identifying a plant, and recently someone posted this website

PictureThis - Plant identifier (
And someone else posted this one:

Google Lens - Search What You See

This one worked well for finding plants on the computer, The above two were for a cell phone. Pl@ntNet is an application that allows you to identify plants simply by photographing them with your smartphone. Very useful when you don't have a botanist on ... 

Change PDF To Excel
Using excel spreadsheets is an important business and personal necessity. Those who are using Excel know the difficulty when receiving files in the PDF format. Using this PDF to Excel converter, you will be able to get all of the data you need from a PDF without going through the trouble of typing it in yourself. There are plenty of methods of converting file types, but this software is not only the best quality and easiest to use, but it is also at an unbeatable price. Nowhere else will you find a PDF to Excel converter for such an affordable cost.

How to Clean a Hard Drive in Windows
If you've owned a Windows computer long enough, the hard drive will fill up to a level where it starts to impact the computer's performance. The easiest solution for this is to clean your hard disk of all unnecessary files.

Why You Should Delete Emails Instead of Archiving Them
We’ve all been trained to archive every email we get. After all, we have basically infinite storage, and we can just find all the emails we need with a quick search, right? Makes sense. But that’s a trap.

Tour the World with 12 Months of Virtual Museum Trips
If you’ve ever wanted to visit some of the world’s most famous museums but never had the chance, now’s your opportunity! Many iconic museums are offering virtual tours and specially curated digital exhibits specifically for guests who can’t get there in person.

Automatically Move Gmail Messages to a Different Tab
Emails can get out of hand very quickly. If you want to keep your Gmail inbox tidy, make sure your emails go to the desired inbox tab by creating rules (called “filters”) for them. Here’s how it’s done.

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